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Techinquest is a leading IT consulting and services firm that helps businesses streamline their processes and drive growth. From product development to strategy planning, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. At Techinquest, we believe that effective IT consulting can improve profitability, efficiency, and simplicity for your business. Let us help you identify areas for improvement and create elegant solutions for maximum returns. Trust Tech Inquest to be your partner in driving innovation and achieving your business goals.

What we do?

We provide expert advice and services to organizations on how to use software to meet their business goals. Our team of software experts have a deep understanding of various software applications and technologies and can help choose the right software for your needs, customize it to meet their specific requirements, and implement it effectively. We provide ongoing support and maintenance for the software to ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently. We work with a wide range of software, including applications for project management, customer relationship management, data analysis, and more.

1+ Years

Who we are ?

Established with the goal of streamlining healthcare and enhancing patient outcomes TechInquest is a technology firm that excels in delivering cutting-edge technology and functionality to its clients, currently linking an extensive network of healthcare organizations in the North American region. In addition to our standard offerings, we also provide bespoke solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. By converting business challenges into fully functional software, we empower our clients to achieve significant savings in both time and expense. TechInquest has been a constant innovator, working in close collaboration with a dedicated community of healthcare providers, suppliers, distributors and other industry stakeholders, all united by a shared goal: to streamline the healthcare industry's patient-centric operations to enhance patient outcomes.

Our Products

We spends months doing market research to identify customer needs and preferences, prototyping and testing to refine the product design, and mass production and distribution.

Our goal is to bring innovative and high-quality products to market that meet the needs and expectations of customers. We help our partners and client drive growth and success.

Implant Management System (Bill-Only requests)
Streamlines the tracking of implant usage, vendor payments and request process for hospitals, eliminating over-payments to vendors and reducing delays in request processing.
Delivery Tracking
Optimize the internal logistics of an organization, facilitating the efficient transportation of healthcare products and equipment between various locations.                
Request Approval Workflow
Automate the process of reviewing, approving, and distributing documents, including features such as routing, tracking, notifications and security measures to ensure compliance and data integrity.
Hospital Forms Management
Facilitates the monitoring and management of both paper-based and electronic forms, enabling businesses to efficiently track their form inventory.
Vaccine Compliance
Real-time insight and monitoring of vendor representatives' vaccination status in a centralized environment, with compliance dashboard and reporting, providing hospital systems the necessary tools to ensure compliance and safety for employees and visitors in this post COVID era.
Historical Data Reporting
Historical data reporting app extract time and scheduling related data from different archived databases. The application provides a SAAS model to a customer without having to install and maintain an on-premise solution.

Our Services

We offer serveral turn-key solutions designed to help health care systems demands. We provide a range of services that help businesses design, develop, and maintain custom software applications. We design and develop custom software applications tailored to the specific needs of a business. This can include anything from web applications, mobile applications, and desktop software.

Bespoke Software Development from Conception to Delivery

We design, develop and deliver intelligent high-tech bespoke software solutions for SMEs, Enterprise & Funded Startups.

Solution Engineering

We create innovative human-centric solutions that enhance your competitive edge. Find new opportunities amidst uncertainty and tap into the full potential of cutting-edge technologies.

Infrastructure as a Service

We provide from simple to complex highly scalable and secure infrastructure soltuions. This includes storage, hardware, servers and networking components.

SAAS Soluttions

We offer a variety of turn-key highly customizable software solutions. Our products primarily focused on providing innovative solutions to our health care partners. The products we built can be accessed through any internet connected devices.

24/7 Support

We create and keep software solutions running 24/7. Our experienced team of IT experts ensure yoru business' technical stability by offering highly scalable cloud based solution.