Delivery Tracking

Optimize the internal logistics of an organization, facilitating the efficient transportation of healthcare products and equipment between various locations.


What we do

Track and manage the services provided by the transportation dept within the organization to move products / equipment from one location to another.

Key Features

Clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface optimized for use on mobile devices. Easy-to-use and intuitive program to be utilized easily by any team.

Track Deliveries

Track internal deliveries from one location to another. Drivers can also take pictures of deliveries

Adhoc Delivery Requests

Requesters can submit adhoc requests which are routed to the transportation manager for approval

Route Management

Delivery routes and associated drivers can be managed in the system

3rd party integration

Ability to connect to any ERP to sync with Invoice information

Send Notifications to Drivers

Once the driver is assigned, the system can send a notification to the driver’s phone with pickup and delivery details

Dashboard and Reports

Robust KPI’s that are delivered and customized to fit the customer needs.