Implant Management System (Bill-Only Requests)

Streamlines the tracking of implant usage, vendor payments and request process for hospitals, eliminating over-payments to vendors and reducing delays in request processing.


What we do

IMS - bill only request is a HIPAA compliant software solution makes it easy to manage and process bill only requests with enforcing cusomzied hospital rules and system policies.

Key Features

Clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface optimized for use on mobile devices.

Multi-tier pricing

Support Multi-tier pricing contracts at client and location level.


We eliminate several time consuming tasks using automation, for auto approval of requests and data accuracy.

Contract compliance

Enforce contract compliance

3rd party integration

Spport data trasnsfer through flat file, API, and HL7 protocols. Customized connectors to accommodate client requirements.

Rule Engine

Customized rules engine design to enforce hospital policies and system rules.


Facilitate and document communication.