Request Approval Workflow

Automate the process of reviewing, approving, and routing the approval requests. Includes features such as routing, tracking, notifications and security measures to ensure compliance and data integrity.


What we do

Manage approval of documents or processes across several service lines. The process involves submitting a request for approval and obtaining approval from one or more individuals or groups within an organization. This workflow can be used for various purposes, such as approving a purchase, an expense report, a time-off request, or a project proposal.

Key Features

Clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface optimized for use on mobile devices. Easy-to-use and intuitive program to be utilized easily by any team.

Request submission

The person making the request fills out a form or sends an email to initiate the approval process.

Customized Review Process

The request is reviewed by one or more individuals to determine whether it meets the necessary requirements or criteria.

Customized Approval Flow

Customized Single or Multiple level approval flow

3rd party integration

Ability to connect to any ERP to provide information for workflow approvals


Notifications are sent on request status change.

Dashboard and Reports

Robust KPI’s that are delivered and customized to fit the customer needs.